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Angkor Crowne Golden Jerky, trademark of 802 Angkor Crowne KBAMI & UBAMI Khmer Global Company.


With your first bite of Angkor Crowne Golden Jerky, it will be love at first sight.  Then its amazing sweet roasted aroma and bold, colorful, majestic and creative design will seal the deal.  Now that I have tasted it, I cannot get enough.  Once you encounter and experience the unforgettable tenderness, its delicious and flavorful taste, and how it melts in your mouth, you will know that Angkor Crowne Golden Jerky is the best of the best and completely different from any other jerky.  

You get the consistency of design, texture and taste you have come to expect from Angkor Crowne Golden Jerky in every single order, in an amazingly delicious and memorable snack made from beef, buffalo, pork, chicken, turkey or mushroom.  USDA certified, healthy and friendly protein quickly refuel and recharge the energy you need to continue your everyday activities.  

Ancient Angkor handcrafted flavors, infused with fresh fruits and vegetables extract, all natural colors.




Rediscovering the lost gem

Available in 4, 8, 16oz and big & collectible 5 flavors + bonus of 16oz gift box

Corporate Summary

Angkor Crowne Golden Jerky, trademark of KBAMI Khmer Global Company, is dedicated to fostering creativity and excellence with the art of making the best jerky in the world. By staying on the cutting edge of sweet roasted aroma, colorful, tenderness, delicious and flavorful taste. Maintaining Angkor Crowne Golden Jerky, trademark of KBAMI Khmer Global Company mission, vision and values requires a talented and focused team dedicated toward driving ongoing innovation. Our executive team combines technological expertise with deep knowledge of the global marketplace and a clear vision for the future. Their unique talents, skills and experience continue to push Angkor Crowne Golden Jerky, trademark of KBAMI Khmer Global Company, to new heights through creativity. 

Our progressive vision, creativity and innovation allow Angkor Crowne Golden Jerky, trademark of KBAMI Khmer Global Company, to stand out among others in our industry. 

Here are the three priorities that make Angkor Crowne Golden Jerky, trademark of KBAMI Khmer Global Company, different and unique. 

  1. Angkor Crowne Golden Jerky, trademark of KBAMI Khmer Global Company ’s number one priority is to be committed to making the communities we serve more vibrant, stronger, and have a better platform to connect and share ideas and resources about the best jerky in the world.. 
  2. Angkor Crowne Golden Jerky, trademark of KBAMI Khmer Global Company ’s number two priority is to be committed to ensuring that our cutting edge marketing and advertising stay effective and efficient. Our effective and efficient marketing and advertising  campaigns include dedicated social media strategies, targeted email blasts, radio broadcasting  and digital TV advertising. 
  3. Angkor Crowne Golden Jerky, trademark of KBAMI Khmer Global Company ’s number three priority is to be committed to constructing the best online and offline interactive community where every customer, chef, producer and seller is cared for, in the right way, at the right time, every time


Our vision is to offer the most delicious, flavorful taste, melts in your mouth and the best of the best Khmer jerky in the world. Our vision is to be the leading provider of authentic and premium-quality Angkor spices, delivering an exquisite culinary experience that captures the essence of Cambodian cuisine. We strive to become a trusted global brand recognized for our commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients, promoting sustainable farming practices, and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Angkor spices. 


Our mission is to share the unique flavors and vibrant aromas of Angkor spices with discerning culinary enthusiasts worldwide. We are dedicated to meticulously selecting and sourcing the highest quality spices directly from local farmers in Cambodia, ensuring fair trade practices and supporting the livelihoods of farming communities. 

We aim to delight our customers by offering a diverse range of handcrafted spice blends and single-origin spices, meticulously processed and packaged to preserve their freshness and distinctive characteristics. With our products, we seek to inspire creativity in the kitchen, enabling individuals to elevate their cooking and experience the authentic taste of Angkor spices.

Driven by our passion for exceptional quality and a deep respect for Cambodian traditions, we are committed to promoting sustainable agriculture, preserving biodiversity, and contributing to the socio-economic development of the region. Through our continuous innovation, ethical practices, and unwavering dedication, we strive to become the go-to brand for those who seek the true essence of Angkor spices in their culinary journeys.


Quality Excellence:

Our primary goal is to consistently provide customers with the highest quality Angkor spices that meet and exceed their expectations. We are committed to maintaining strict quality control measures throughout the sourcing, processing, and package stages to ensure exceptional products. 

Customer Satisfaction:

We aim to prioritize customer satisfaction by offering personalized and attentive service. Our goal is to understand our customers preferences, respond to their needs, and provide them with a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Market Expansion:

We aspire to expand our market presence and reach new customers both locally and globally. Through strategic partnerships, effective marketing campaigns, and targeted distribution channels, we aim to increase brand visibility and accessibility. 


Sustainable Sourcing:

We are dedicated to responsible and sustainable sourcing practices. Our goal is to work closely with local farmers, promoting fair trade principles, supporting their livelihoods, and contributing to the preservation of traditional farming techniques and biodiversity.


Innovation & Product Development:

We strive to continuously innovate and introduce new and exciting spice blends and products that cater to evolving consumer preferences. Our goal is to stay at the forefront of culinary trends, offering unique and authentic flavors that inspire creativity in the kitchen. 


Social Responsibility:

We are committed to giving back to the community and actively participating in social initiatives. Our goal is to contribute to the social and economic development of the regions where our spices are sourced, supporting education, healthcare, and environmental conservation efforts. 

Plan of Actions

Our plan of action for Angkor Spices focuses on three key areas. First, we will invest in research and development to create innovative spice blends and recipes. Second, we will strengthen our supply chain and ensure the highest quality of ingredients. Lastly, we will implement effective marketing strategies to raise brand awareness and expand distribution channels. Through these initiatives, we aim to establish Angkor Spices as a leading provider of authentic and high-quality spices, delighting customers with our unique flavors and cultural heritage.


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